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  • The Slice Backhand

    The Slice Backhand

    I’m asked a lot about the slice backhand and what makes it tick. Here are what I feel are the essentials: Use the Continental grip! A very slight backhand or […]

  • Efficient Practice

    Efficient Practice

    Something I hear a lot from players is that despite practicing a great deal and feeling good about whatever it was they practiced, once they play a match it seems […]

  • The Service Toss

    The Service Toss

    Tossing the ball accurately and in a relaxed fashion are two essentials when it comes to the serve. To accomplish both, practice tossing the ball so that after it leaves […]

  • Resurrecting a Shot

    Resurrecting a Shot

    We all have those days when one or more of our strokes continually misfires. The frustration over this can build to the point where you’re ready to break the racquet […]

  • The High Backhand

    The High Backhand

    This Scott Shot was originally published on where Scott is a contributing editor. One of the smartest tactics you can use against virtually any player is to hit high […]


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