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  • The Low Approach Shot on the Forehand Side

    Too often I see players using a topspin-oriented swing to hit a low approach shot off the forehand side. By low I mean approximately a foot or lower from the […]

  • The Overhead Smash

    The Overhead Smash

    The overhead in tennis is one of the least practiced shots. The reason, in my opinion, is because the expectations for this shot are very high…it’s potentially a lethal, crowd […]

  • Managing Tension

    Managing Tension

    Anyone who’s ever picked up a racquet, from beginners to world class players, has experienced tension while on the court. It’s that feeling of nervousness, anxiety, excitement or fear stemming […]

  • Confronting Tennis Injuries

    Over a lifetime of playing tennis (with a lot of baseball and football thrown in), I’ve incurred quite an array of injuries along the way. From top to bottom—shoulder (partially […]

  • Synchronize Your Body to the Ball

    Synchronize Your Body to the Ball

    A very common problem I see often on the court is that players are too upright when hitting their shots. This results in the racquet having to compensate and can […]


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