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I marvel how often I do things on the court that I did when I was a junior. To me it’s representative of how important one’s early, developmental years as a tennis player are. It’s crucial to build a solid foundation in junior player’s games because what they learn early on will stay with them as long as they play. If kids get the right information and are brought along according to their age, size, and personality, they’re more likely to fall in love with tennis and continue to play over a lifetime. I try to make my instruction fun and interesting while not losing sight of the things that are required to ever improve.

Emma serving

Over the many years I’ve been a teaching pro I’ve been fortunate to work with some really wonderful kids but I think the group I have at present tops them all…

(Note that all ages written here are as of approximately 2013-2104.)

Emma and Owen are both 9 years old. I started working with them when they were 6. Their focus and desire have led them to become outstanding all court players. It’s truly a joy for me to watch them play each other and marvel at the things they’re able to do with a tennis ball. Tournament play is right around the corner for these two very special kids.

Matous is 13 years old. We started when he was 9. One of the things that makes Matous unique is that in the ever growing world of two handed backhands he has a beautiful one hander. He has an all court game that includes a big serve and already has tournament wins under his belt. He recently won the Mill Valley Tennis Club junior championship.

Lukas is 11 years old and recently moved from Colorado where he’d been active in tennis competition. Lukas is a lefty and another all court player striving to bolster every part of his game.

David is 13 years old. David’s improvement has been phenomenal! He has a burning desire to improve and the natural athleticism and discipline to make it happen.

Moseley and I have been working together since he was in the 2nd grade. Now he’s attending MIT and can deliver a serve at 140mph!

Owen serving

Lukas' forehand

Matous serving

Lukas' backhand