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John Yandell and I have known each other for 30 years. We met the first time our respective girl’s high school teams played each other and in short order became best friends. My friendship with John has produced a treasure trove of life changing experiences. He motivated me to return to competitive tennis and I did so with great success. He encouraged me to start writing for and that has spawned a better understanding of the things I do as a teaching pro. My incredible ongoing experiences teaching tennis in Italy were the result of John sending me an email he received from Roberto Trovi who would become my partner there. John has referred to me a number of my dearest and longest tenured clients over the years.

The simple fact of the matter is that John is a brilliant guy, a world renowned videographer and easily one of the most knowledgable teachers in the sport of tennis. Our woodshedding sessions are a joy because since he’s in constant touch with the other great minds of the game I’m privy to the kind of information that makes me a better teacher. is THE consummate tennis instructional website. Anything you want to know about the game is there at your fingertips…SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

John has filmed several installments of his series on serving with Scott. You’ll find Scott as the model in many of these videos. Check them out at