The all-pupose windshield wiper forehand

Watch any high level player nowadays and in many instances you’ll see them hit what’s referred to as the “Windshield Wiper Forehand.” The beauty of this shot is that you can use it pretty much across the board from low balls on up to substantially high balls in an uninhibited, free-swinging fashion. It’s a topspin oriented shot that by virtue of its shape puts the racquet head above the hand for a good portion of the shot. This provides leverage and can keep the racquet head from lagging behind as its drawn to contact by the heel of the hand pulling the butt of the handle.

To feel what’s involved here, for starters, slowly make your model topspin forehand swing and when you get to the slotted position with your hand at approximately waist height, freeze. From here, as you start to draw the racquet forward, make a half circle (righties go right to left) letting the racquet head arc above the hand as the hand moves from the right hip pocket to the left hip pocket. This would be the low finish in conjunction with low and medium height balls and you could also finish somewhere between your waist and over the shoulder for balls contacted higher.

This shot is especially good for players who struggle with hitting high balls because by design it allows you to take a full, free wheeling swing at a ball you might ordinarily back up to hit or try to block with a half volley. Again, because the racquet head’s above the hand you have plenty of leverage to prevent it from flopping over. If you choose to use this shot for a low ball it maximizes the minimal amount of time and space you have in that situation.

Another nice benefit of this shot is the incredible amount of topspin it produces. A medium to higher arced shot will really explode off the ground and unless your opponent has this shot himself he’ll wish he’d stayed in bed!

Note Murray's racquet head above his hand...